FileMaker Mail & Fax Software
Mail & Fax Software

CollegeCentrals MailFax module makes it easy to create letters, faxes and emails from anywhere in the system. Templates can be setup and used creating documents or mailings/mailshots. Documents created in this module can be viewed from other parts of the system like Contacts, Training and Hospitals & Organisations.
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The Mail & Fax module is used to generate letters, emails and faxes. From most modules you can create a letter, email or fax for the relevant organisation/contact on the screen at that time. It is possible to display previous correspondence with contacts as well as allowing users to enter in multiple addresses and email addresses for a contact.

On the data entry screen users can quickly enter in the letter, fax or email details and print or send the document at the click of a button. Scanned signatures can be used for sending letters and faxes electronically. Emails can either be sent through your default email application or straight through your ISP or SMTP server which is more suitable for sending large mailshots.

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MailFax entry screen

FileMaker Mail & Fax Software list screen
MailFax list screem

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MailFax options screen

On the Options screen you can do the following:

Find Options...
eMails created today
Faxes created today
Letters created today

You are not restricted to just finding records based on these buttons. On the data entry screen, clicking the 'Find' button allows you to find records based on any type of information.

For the current record
Preview letter/email/fax
Preview and print letter/email/fax
Edit letter/email/fax
Print mini list
Print envelope
Print label

For the found set of records...
Preview letters/emails/faxes
Preview and print letters/emails/faxes
Edit letters/emails/faxes
Print mini list
Print envelopes
Print labels