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Invoicing Software

CollegeCentral's invoice module provides an easy way to create, print or email an invoice or batch of invoices. Includes the ability to enter receipts, track aged debt analysis and send statements. Accounts integration with packages like QuickBooks, Sage and MYOB can also be set up specific to your requirements.
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Generate invoices for trainees, members, organisations, etc. Invoices and receipts can either be generated from other parts of the system (like the Fellows section of the Contacts database) or one off invoices can be created from here as well for hospitals, businesses, etc.

Invoice software
Invoices entry screen

Invoice software list screen
Invoices list screen

Invoice software options screen
Invoices options screen

On the Options screen you can do the following:

You are not restricted to just finding records based on these buttons. On the data entry screen, clicking the 'Find' button allows you to find records based on any type of information.

Report by Contact/Organisation Detailed
Report by Contact/Organisation (inc. VAT amounts)
Report by Contact/Organisation Summary
Debitors Report (Detailed)
Debitors Report (summary)

Revenue reports...
Report by Revenue Heading Detailed
Report by Revenue Heading Summary
Report by Revenue Group Detailed
Report by Revenue Group Summary
Report by Department Detailed
Report Analysis Report
Report Headings by Month
Revenue Headings Columnar Report

Direct debit related...
List all direct debit subscription invoices for 2010
List IR direct debit subscription invoices for 2010
List STG direct debit subscription invoices for 2010
Export IR EMT file
Export STG EMT file

For The Current Invoice
Print Invoice
eMail Invoice
Print Label
Create eMail
Create Fax
Create letter
Create Credit Note for this invoice

For the found set...
Print Invoices
Print mini list
Print Labels
Create receipts (for the found set)
Export to xls