Events Software
Event Software

CollegeCentrals Event Management Software is an easy to use module that allows the user to manage events, venues, attendees, taking related payments for events and the issuing of receipts. The Events module includes an entry screen for the entry and lookup of events as well as a MailFax tab for correspondence and a general Notes and Activities tab.
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The Events module is focused on completely managing the organisation of an event in a specific location with the recording of attendees for that event. It is possible to have varying tarrifs within an event and also to impose a limit of attendees for a particular tarrif.

The Events Module is integrated both with the Contacts module as well as the Exams module allowing for the recording of a trainees exam results against a particular event.

The Events module also provides facilities to record online booking of event places as well as the ability to raise invoices and issue receipts to an attendees online account as well by post.

Event Software
Entry screen for event details & dates

Event Software
List view of events

Event Software
MailFax screen for Correspondence

Event Software
Entry Screen for Notes, Activities & Documents

Event Software
Additional options available for Event management

On the Options screen you can do the following:

Events Not started
Events In progress
Events Completed
Events On hold
Events Cancelled

You are not restricted to just finding records based on these buttons. On the data entry screen, clicking the 'Find' button allows you to find records based on any type of information.

Event type report detailed (for found set of records)
Event type summary (for found set of records

For Currnent Event...
Create email
Create fax
Create letter